Greybeat is the design studio for Mary Lan, a user experience designer and information architect currently residing in Jacksonville FL, where she spends a good part of her days looking out for alligators and gazing in bewilderment at all the giant fountains. If you want to know if there's more to Florida than old folks and oranges, do get in touch .


10.17.07 // Remember drawing spirographs as a kid? I just found a Java based spirograph maker. Love it...

07.03.07 // Floridians sure love their fireworks. It'll be such a special treat tomorrow when beer is thrown in the mix and the fireworks and yelling go on all night long.... I can hardly wait to be jarred out of a much needed night's rest by the relentless popping and whizzing in the wee hours. If I'm very lucky (*crosses fingers*), maybe someone will even throw up on my lawn. Ahh..., nothing says I love my country like losing a finger to a $2 explosive. Happy 4th y'all.